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 Fix-A-Dent will come out to you for all your training needs. Not only domestic, but international as well. Experience A private training session with out having to leave home, with one of our highly experienced instructors.


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that will suffice all your needs on becoming a successful certified Paintless Dent Removal technician. Fix A Dent’s trainers are experienced technicians and sales reps who are still currently active in the industry. Gain full knowledge and become inspired for success as a PDR Technician.


Why choose Fix A Dent for your PDR Training?

  • Trainers will instruct according to each individuals learning style.
  • Learn how to repair a variety of dents.
  • Learn how to work on a variety of vehicles. (From foreign to domestic).
  • Learn from experienced trainers who are not only currently active on the field but also have trained for other reputable PDR training facilities in the industry.
  • Gain the most of your training with the Fix A Dent Pre-Trainer Package.
  • Learn how to obtain and maintain accounts.
  • Small classroom sizes to insure full productivity and attention from instructors.
  • Fix A Dent is focused on Paintless Dent Removal vs. other PDR training facilities who attempt to focus on all other reconditioning techniques.

Paintless Dent Repair Average Income

Average Gross Income (Per Repair) $65.00 to $525
Average Time (Per Repair) 10-45 mins.
Average Repairs (Per Day) 5 to 20
Average Gross Income (Per Day) $325.00 to $1600
Average Gross Income (Per 5 Day Week) $1,625.00 to $2200
Average Gross Income (Per 52 Week Year) $84,500.0 to $150,000


Our Certified Instructors have compiled a 40 hour course which pre-dominantly consists of hands on training on various types of vehicles and repairs, account establishment, account maintenance and service for retail customers. Fix A Dents Certified Instructors are excited to motivate our students by providing tip and tricks for the techniques of this art.


Fix A Dent’s Certified Student Training Program focuses on providing hands on training, which includes a large verity of damage repairs encountered in the industry. This experience is key to the success of training success. Our Certified Instructors have gained experience, (on an extensive variety of repairs), for a minimum of 5 years in the account and retail Paintless Dent Removal industry.


Account establishment training covers every aspect of obtaining and maintaining accounts. Learn tips of what it takes other professional Technicians and Sales Representatives several years of experience in just one week. Fix A Dent will provides success tips on how to build, estimate, and gain loyal professional account relationships. The Paintless Dent Removal Retail Market doubles the amount of account income per repair. Learn pricing and time estimation to guarantee quality customer service.


Personal instruction

Fix-A-Dent offers Paintless Dent Repair classroom instruction as well as highly personalized hands-on training working on stationary hoods, cars and trucks. Class sizes are small and highly personal to teach you the most in the shortest period of time. As with all Fix-A-Dent training classes, students will learn to repair a variety of damage.


How PDR works

The Fix-A-Dent approach to training paintless dent repair is hands-on and utilizes “proprietary processes.” Whether a student prefers learning by the Pressure and Release Process (PARP) or the Drag and Push Process (DAPP), Fix-A-Dent instructors adapt to each student’s comfort. Fix-A-Dent utilizes proprietary methods for accessing dents without having to drill. The NO-DRILLING process, exclusive to Fix-A-Dent, offers a “leg-up” on your competition

Structured curriculum

Fix-A-Dent Paintless Dent Repair Training Institute teaches students step-by-step how to remove small dents on top and side panels, and how to tackle more elaborate repairs such as hail damage, large dents and vertical and horizontal crease dents. In addition, students learn advanced techniques for removing more complex damage on all areas of the vehicle, both foreign and domestic. Tool selection, access, brace configurations and the inner workings of side panels are taught in great detail. An important part of the program is for you to be fully comfortable using all the tools and understanding how to use both the dent light and portable dent board so that you have the confidence required.


Hail Repair

Fix-A-Dent will teach you all the details associated with becoming a Hail Repair Specialist. We’ve trained hundreds of technicians who have gone on to become highly skilled professionals working at all levels of the industry. At Fix-A-Dent, you’ll learn everything required to become a quality PDR technician.

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